With conveniently located maintenance facilities across Western Canada (Calgary, Vancouver and Medicine Hat), TRAXX offers first-rate vehicle maintenance and repair services with factory-trained technicians.

Besides general maintenance services we provide a variety of other parts and services including:

  • exterior washing
  • interior cleaning and detailing
  • lavatory servicing
  • air conditioning service
  • glass replacement
  • emergency repair and road service
  • CVIP inspections
  • total maintenance from electrical to brakes and suspension

In Vancouver, contact Prav Chand – pchand@traxxcoachlines.com cell # (778) 229 – 4710

In Airdrie, contact Dean Walker – dwalker@traxxcoachlines.com cell # (403) 458 – 0903


At the heart of a pleasurable motorcoach travel experience is the motor coach operator.

We know this and do everything in our power to ensure all our motor coaches are operated by friendly, courteous, experienced and highly trained professionals.

Although your contact may only be with your operator please know that the entire TRAXX team is here to serve you!