Travel Options… to suit every customer and every budget.

TRAXX Luxury Class – Tours

Remember when traveling had a sense of style and grace? For our customers it still does. TRAXX Luxury Class offers the finest vehicles in the industry equipped with the latest amenities for a travel experience that is truly pleasurable. You’ll be surprised on how much our daily rates can be.

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TRAXX Express Class – Charters

TRAXX Express Class provides charter groups with comfortable motor coach transportation with all the amenities at a cost that is truly affordable. It’s ideal for school groups, social clubs, church groups, sports teams and ski trips. Leave the driving to us.

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Industrial Transportation

TRAXX also provides transportation services to large companies who need to move employees to and from plants, factories and remote work sites. With our experience and flexibility we can design a transportation solution customized to your company’s unique requirements.

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School Bus Transportation – Tot-em

Our Tot-em Transportation division has decades of experience in the student transportation business.

Tot-em currently provides school bus service to five school districts in Southern Alberta including special needs transportation.

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Consumer tips for chartering a motorcoach

Does your group have any special needs that must be met?

Things like the need for video, microphone, AM/FM/CD, wheel chair accessibility or other special equipment.

Clearly spell out your schedule and what is involved, in detail.

Be sure the company knows what hours the driver must be available to the group.

Ask how long the company has been in business.

Find out when the company was established, and how long it has been offering charter coach services, a good track record is always desirable.

What is the company’s DOT rating?

A satisfactory rating is standard. Never charter from a company with an unsatisfactory rating.

Ask for References

Request and contact references from similar type groups travelling on similar type trips. Never charter from a company unwilling to provide references.

Ask how many coaches are in the fleet

Overall charter fleet size is important. It provides a gauge to the operator’s ability to supply alternate vehicles in the event of a mechanical problem, on multi-motorcoach movements, or on weekends and during peak seasons. It also provides some insight into the success of the company.

Request a Certificate of Insurance.

Your carrier should supply a letter or certificate of insurance. This letter/certificate shows the carrier’s level of insurance and effective policy dates. Accepted levels of insurance call for a minimum of $5 million for combined single limit liability.

Is the Company adhering to Department of Transportation driver regulations?

Make sure the company is compliant with Canadian and U.S. federal Hours of Service. If your itinerary requires more than the limit, ask how the charter company I going to handle it.

Ask the company’s procedures for on the road emergencies.

The operator should have access to nationwide reciprocal maintenance agreements which will assure you of prompt servicing of equipment in all regions that the carrier travels.

What is the average age of the equipment operated?

Vehicles that are 10 years or older, unless properly maintained on a preventative maintenance program, can have a greatly diminished reliability factor. Generally, the newer the motor coaches, the fewer the breakdowns.

Are video equipped motorcoaches available?

Video-equipped coaches can be a genuine asset. You can view educational videos or provide movies to help pass the hours.

Does the company have a drug screening program in place?

Ensure your carrier has a written drug policy and drug testing program. Never charter from a carrier that does not strongly enforce a drug free workplace.

Who is responsible for extra mileage costs above the contracted amount?

Find out the carrier’s policy before the trip, not when you get the bill.

Is the carrier a full service company?

Do they have their own maintenance facilities? Can they provide vehicle to meet special needs?